Michael R. Sweeney, Esquire


It is with deep sadness that we acknowledge and mourn the death of our founding partner, Michael R. Sweeney, Esquire. He was the heart and soul of our firm. He will be missed sorely by his colleagues, clients and the legal community.

Mr. Sweeney founded the firm, Sweeney & Neary, LLP, in 1997. His zeal for life, his dedication to his clients, and his utmost professionalism and integrity will be remembered and reflected in the continued work of our attorneys.

Mr. Sweeney began practicing law in 1974, graduating from Temple University School of Law, after completing his bachelor's degree from Muhlenberg University. In 1980, shortly after the passage of the new Divorce Code, Mr. Sweeney focused his practice in the area of matrimonial law, becoming one of Pennsylvania's preeminent family law attorneys.

A Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, one of only 5 attorneys in Delaware County to be admitted as a Fellow, Mr. Sweeney was presented with numerous awards for his outstanding work as an attorney, and his commitment to the legal practice. These included the Delaware County Lawyers Club Man of the Year Award, the Eric D. Turner Award, and numerous Presidential Awards from the Delaware County Bar Association. He served on the Board of Directors for the Delaware County Bar Association, the Delaware County Legal Assistance Association, and the Pennsylvania Bar Association Family Law Section Council.

Prior to completing his education, Mr. Sweeney served in the United States Navy and was a decorated Vietnam Veteran. He is survived by his wife Elaine, and his two children, Lauren and Michael, along with his granddaughter Aurora.