Separation/Settlement Agreements

When possible, it is always preferable to discuss an amicable resolution and settlement of all ancillary financial claims relevant to a divorce.  A marital settlement agreement (also known as a “property settlement agreement”) is a written agreement that provides the parties with an efficient means to resolving the issues of a divorce proceeding, such as the division of marital assets and liabilities, alimony, APL/support payments, child support, legal fees and other rights. Similar to prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, marital settlement agreements are considered to be final and binding upon the spouses and should be thoroughly discussed, negotiated and reviewed. Marital settlement agreements can also save the parties a significant amount of time and money since court proceedings are removed from the process.

Any marital settlement agreement should be drafted by a skilled and experienced family law attorney and filed with the court as part of the divorce proceeding.  Often times, the parties may not agree to one or more issues and court proceedings are necessary. The experienced family law attorneys at Sweeney & Neary, LLP, understand the importance for a spouse to have the assistance of an attorney throughout this process and are available to help.

At Sweeney & Neary, LLP, we pride ourselves on providing clients with the highest-quality matrimonial and family law legal representation. We understand the sensitive nature of a divorce proceeding and we are committed towards helping our clients during these challenging times. With decades of experience, our family law lawyers are able to offer experienced guidance, compassionate advice, powerful advocacy and a strong knowledge of the local courts and attorneys while seeking the forums and solutions most suited to each of our client’s needs.