Child Support

In most divorce or separation cases, it is necessary for one parent to provide financial support to the other parent, which is the result of one of two scenarios.  1) One parent earns significantly more than the other parent and the parties have shared physical custody of the child/children.  Or, 2) one parent has primary physical custody of the children and the other parent has partial physical custody.  Regardless of the situation, it is extremely important to remember that it is a child’s right (not a parent’s right) to receive appropriate child support. 

The court considers the following elements, among others, when establishing a child support arrangement: 

  • Number of minor children;
  • Incomes or earning capacities of both parents;
  • Medical needs of the child/children, including medical insurance coverage;
  • Educational needs of the child (such as private school expenses or additional, non-school provided tutoring); 
  • Extracurricular activity expenses; and
  • Child care costs.

At Sweeney & Neary, LLP, our family law attorneys will help you to manage the economic issues related to child support. We understand the importance of children benefiting from the income of both parents. Our firm has decades of experience with handling child support matters and have a strong knowledge of each of the five counties (Delaware, Chester, Bucks, Montgomery, Philadelphia) respective court systems.

When it comes to determining the financial arrangements regarding child support, the experienced family law attorneys at Sweeney & Neary, LLP, P.C., are here to help.